Sunday, February 12, 2012

Birth Of The Earth-Part 1

My son, Zafri would like to share with all the readers on what he knows about the creation of the Earth,scientifically. Please forgive him for any grammatical error, as this is an uncut version heehehhe...


Birth of the Earth

 Earth.A planet like any other.To us humans,it is our home.A place of many wonders.But did this planet looked like the same to us billions and billions of years ago?.That is a case that scientist’s today are trying to crack. The first thing that scientist’s needed to solve was “how did our solar system first form?”A question that has been bubbling in every scientist’s minds.Then,a simple experiment in 2003 had crack the case.


The Simple Experiment

  Our solar system’s history began as a cosmic storm.In the middle of it was our sun in an early age.Orbiting it was clouds of dust and minerals that soon cooled off and perform rocky minerals or asteroids.These asteroids soon began to bump in each other and performed clumps of rocks that were believe to grow into planets.But this theory could not be proven to be true until the experiment of 2003.It was done by astronaut Don Pettin aboard the ISS(International Space Station).His real intention was to see what happened to different substances in the zero gravity of space.What he really did was pouring  salt into a plastic bag and began to shake it.What happened was that the salt minerals joined together to perform clumps of salt that were joined by static electricity.This accidental experiment shows that if salt can be joined by electricity,then asteroids can also be joined by gravity.

The First Planets Of The Solar System  

 As I have told you,planets first formed by asteroids joined by gravity.As time passed ,small clumps of rocks as small as a minerals soon turned giant asteroids as big as a city.The more bigger the object grew, the more gravity is produced making it grow faster and faster until it became the size of a planet.Each asteroids that  bombarded the Earth helped the Earth to grow bigger until it reached its current size and mass today.This method was also used to create Mercury,Venus and Mars.The other gas giants such as Jupiter,Saturn and the others were formed by dust and gas. 

The Young Earth

 Earth,in its young stage was now a rocky planet.Unfortunately,it still could not contain life.Why?Because it was lacking an important ingredient,Water.When young Earth was formed,it had a liquid ingredient but it wasn’t water,it was lava,and the Earth’s surface was filled with it.But the Earth eventually got water.The question was,how did it?The answer was in comets.Comets,even thought their ball’s of dust and gas,contain water.How did it got to Earth?Well,I’ll explain it to you in part two of my story.