Sunday, February 19, 2012

Birth Of The Earth (Part 2)

Birth Of The Earth (Part 2)
Welcome to the part two of my story and as we know that Earth didn’t have water, a thick atmosphere and life on it. Some scientists believed that water risen from the Earth’s crust (Theory A) while others believed that water came from  space (Theory B).The two theories  are correct. But  I think theory B is more accurate. It’s just my thought and who knows? Maybe there are other people who support theory A or maybe have other theories. Let’s continue. Comets do contain water some might have landed on Earth when it cooled down. You may think that when Earth had oceans there were blue in colour. The answer is wrong .Why ? Because it was filled in Iron or Iron-oxide and its colour was green. This happens because oxygen was produced in the sea. But because of iron, it was trapped under water. So that’s how Iron-oxide was created. Soon iron disappeared and oxygen soon flourished and therefore creating our atmosphere.

The Moon
Try to look up on a night sky. I’m pretty sure you’ll see a big bright object .That’s our Moon. Our natural satellite. How did it got there?Well it’s pretty simple. When Earth was still young, it spun like an ordinary planet would except that it had six hours a day not twenty-four hours a day. That changed when a Mars -like planet crashed into the Earth.B ut Earth absorbed much of the impact and the other planet was destroyed. That made the Earth tilt on its axis thus creating seasons. But, the debris from the opposing planet was pulled by Earth’s gravity and created a ring around our planet. The rocks from the debris soon began to form small clumps of rock. In about a year, our moon soon formed and it also slowed down Earth’s movement. So six hours soon turn into twenty-four hours and also cooled down the Earth. 

Happy Endings
All stories have happy endings. Some don’t but this has one and it has reached it. Now the Earth has everything. A Moon,water , an atmosphere filled with oxygen, an iron core an a magnetosphere(oops!I forgot to add those didn’t I?). All Earth needs now is life an soon it will have it starting from microbial life to us, humans.So goodbye and hoped you liked my story. Piece out!!

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