Thursday, May 24, 2012

Resipi Homemade Burger Patty..Nyum Nyum

Dapat resipi ni dari menarik...nak share.

Ada sebab pasai apa saya post entry resipi ni...nak tau tunggu bulan Ramadhan...

Kalau  jadi macam ni le lazatnya...


garlic (chopped)
spring onions (chopped)
Note:second time was onion (chooped) instead of spring onion. The flavor you can change to whatever flavour you like. Can add some brown sugar if you want it slightly sweet and if grilled it gives that nice caramelized looks. Can put in BBQ sauce (thick ones, not the watery type) or liquid smoke also
binder used:
1 egg for 1lb meat
about 2 tablespoon breadcrumb

How to make it

1. Mix all ingredients with hand and don't overwork it. Can use dough mixer also but don't overwork.
2. It's a quarter pounder i.e. 1lb of meat divided by 4
3. Flatten it and make a hole in the middle about 1/2 inch diameter,
for best result flip it only once when the hole is almost closed
4. Grill the patty and when the hole is fully closed, the patty is done
5. Just before you take it off the grill, put slice cheese on the patty (used low fat cheddar cheese), just to let it melt a bit.
note:cheddar tastes so much better than other cheese when it's slightly melted
6. Served with salad, tomato, sliced onion and your favorite bun.

Weekend ni akan ku coba..kalau jadik saya update dalam blog ek....


  1. fuhh.. time pantang ni la tengok burger sangat2 menyelerakan.. kalo tak, tak berapa nak layan..

    1. Biasak la tuh...sabar-sabar...pas pantang boleh try wat hehehe...tapi sebenarnya pas 2-3 minggu dah boleh makan daging kan...ini grill tau,sihat je utk dimakan heheheh